HCR passes the house. | MetaFilter

HCR passes the house. | MetaFilter: “This President and this group did what they said they would. Their legislative record in 14 months is stunning, as is this victory. On January 20, 2005, if I would have told you that a Black liberal democrat was going to be President of the United States and that he would within the first year and a half, pass a giant stimulus that saved millions of jobs, passed a huge jobs bill, and passed a huge Health Care reform bill covering 36 million more people and cutting the deficit substantially, would you have believed it? All of this in the teeth of complete GOP resistance?

This guy is working on levels the GOP can’t even see. He’s done what TR, Roosevelt, Truman, JFK, Johnson and Clinton could not do.

and he’s a liberal black guy. Its their kryptonite!”


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