Why You Hold On to Clutter – Clutter – Lifehacker

Why You Hold On to Clutter – Clutter – Lifehacker: “In ‘The power of touch: An examination of the effect of duration of physical contact on the valuation of objects’, researcher James Wolf reported that the longer a person touches an object, the greater value assigned to that item. These conclusions were derived from two studies where people attended an auction and were told that they would be bidding on coffee cups. Before bidding on the items, subjects went around a room inspecting the average, nothing-special-about-them, coffee cups that were going to be put up for sale. Observers found that ‘examining an item for longer periods of time resulted in greater attachment to the item and thus higher valuations.’ Meaning that the longer a subject touched and observed a coffee cup during the inspection period, the more likely he was to buy the cup and pay even more for it than its sticker price.”


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