Bob Breedlove: Life of a RAAM Legend | Outside Online

Bob Breedlove: Life of a RAAM Legend | Outside Online: “At one of the final control points, Bob stopped a Swedish woman rider who was in the process of turning in her number, abandoning the race.

“What are you doing?” he asked with that big smile of his.

“I’m finished with PBP,” she announced, sounding angry and relieved.

Bob nodded. “Sure. Hey, what’s your favorite 100-kilometer training ride back home? An easy one.”

This exhausted woman stared at Bob as if he were mad, but then he gave her that grin and she described a beautiful ride of rolling hills near her home.

“Fine,” Bob nodded. “So that’s the ride you’re going to do today. Forget about PBP. All you do is get on your bike and ride that ride in your head. You can handle that ride any day, right?”

She stared and then started to smile, if only a little. “That’s all you have to do today,” Bob said gently. “Just ride that little 100k ride you love. Easy as pie.”

Later that day, back at the finish outside of Paris, I saw her hug Bob and burst into tears. “


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