Gmail – Writing sites that draw upon videogame-style motivational "tricks." –

I’m looking for examples of websites that encourage writing using methods derived from video games. One that comes to mind is which gives you a score for the number of words you write each day, bestows achievements, shows the high scores for the day and also sends out email reminders to “play” each day. It’s a very nice place to write early drafts.

Another less obvious site might be something like which gives users who donate help files bits of in-game currency. Message posters can receive multiple “thumbs up” designations which can be converted into award badges that attach to the users avatar.

I also recently saw a TED-related presentation that mentioned an instructor who converted his course grading into a levelling-up system (here are the quests you have to accomplish to become a grand master, etc).

Is anyone trying this in their writing classrooms?


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