By any means necessary. | MetaFilter

By any means necessary. | MetaFilter: “How IS the tea party movement a thinly veiled white power movement?

Let me count the ways.

It’s obviously a white power movement. Anyone at all familiar with the white power movement in the US can hear the dog whistles blowing like crazy. And sometimes, it’s an air horn (the racist signs, for example). But the underlying logic of the teabagger right — faithfully repeated by the press every time they’re covered — is that they are fighting to get ‘their’ country back, as if ‘they’ obviously held title to it by virtue of being white, above and beyond anything else (and the part that goes unspoken) but also of course ‘Christian,’ ‘straight,’ (yeah right) and with their own families’ immigrant history safely at least 2 generations back. If you don’t see the white power aspects of the tea party, you’re trying not to. The furious denials that this is what it’s about are the best evidence that this is precisely what it’s about. The US is trending steadily toward a non-white majority future, already arrived in some places (hence the special vehemence of the white-power/tea party alliance in the Southwest).”


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