The Benefits of Asperger’s Syndrome

The Benefits of Asperger’s Syndrome

Norm Ledgin caused a stir with his book, Diagnosing Jefferson. The author claimed that the genius of America’s third president was due to Asperger Syndrome, which could explain his 54-year obsession with building and rebuilding Monticello, his inability to control his spending, and his affair with a child/slave. After this book became a best seller, the author wrote Asperger’s and Self-Esteem: Insight and Hope through Famous Role Models, which claims that thirteen giants of history – Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, and Mozart among them-also had Asperger Syndrome. Some people also believe that Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Darwin, Galileo, Pablo Picasso, Benjamin Franklin, Margaret Mead and Aristotle had Asperger Syndrome.

Lately authors are adding Bill Gates to the list of famous Aspies because of his lack of social skills, inability to make eye contact and tendency to rock back and forth coupled with his obsession with technology. Diane Kennedy, an author and advocate for Asperger Syndrome, writes, “They are our visionaries, scientists, diplomats, inventors, chefs, artists, writers and musicians. They are the original thinkers and a driving force in our culture.”

Ha ha! Take that! Cognitively typical people are the new Eloi!


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