Greg Yaitanes “House” Interview transcription | Philip Bloom

Greg Yaitanes “House” Interview transcription | Philip Bloom: “PHILIP BLOOM

Yeah, I was with Robert Rodriguez a few weeks back as SXSW and we had a long chat and he was saying that he’s just got a 5D and he said it felt like being back in his ‘El Mariachi’ days, just being able to pull out a camera and be so small and lightweight it a freeing experience for him.


Yeah, and it’s funny because El Mariachi was such a game-changer.� I know for me when I was coming up I had just made my short film and I was just thinking about the fact that I had shot it on Panavision and it was on 35mm and I found just the physical size of the camera kind of cool back then, but right when I had finished it, ‘El Mariachi’ had come out and this guy had made a whole feature film for $7,000.”


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