Whose Literacy Is It Anyway?

Whose Literacy Is It Anyway?: “Writing and Gaming: ‘Literacy becomes a hydra-headed sort of thing’

From the very beginning of the FIP sequences, students recognize that they will be composing in a variety of genres and modalities, and that textual literacies, while important, are only a component of studying gaming.� Certainly, students wrote some traditional academic papers.� Dan Frost notes that students early on engaged in two different kinds of writing.� First, they documented and summarized basic principles of game design and how those principles were used in the development of games—a basic kind of analytical writing with a concrete object of study.� But students also spent time writing game design documents, the kind of documents that would be generated in the “pre-implementation” phase of the development of a game that are intended to document progress toward delivery of a collaboratively and iteratively generated product.�”


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