ATPM 16.05 – Review: TaskPaper

ATPM 16.05 – Review: TaskPaper: “TaskPaper is a magical text editor. It presents a familiar digital blank sheet, as you would see in Microsoft Word or in Apple Pages. You can have multiple documents. The developer lives up to his advertising copy: you just type. Everything you need to do, you can do with the keyboard.

There are four types of items: projects, which end with a colon; tasks, which start with a dash; contexts, which are prefixed with the “@” symbol; and notes, which are everything else (and appear in gray). They are arrayed in an outline hierarchy, so you can nest projects and tasks. That’s it. You can cut and paste, drag and drop, and mark both projects and tasks as done, shown with a strike-through. You can archive done projects and tasks. A menu command sends done items to the archive at the bottom, including children of done items.”

Possible alternative to Mobile Org


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