Science Strikes Again. | MetaFilter

Science Strikes Again. | MetaFilter: “The Best American Science Writing has a diverse set of offerings for this year, including five articles already featured here on the blue. Starting off with Benedict Carey – Surgery for Mental Ills Offers Both Hope and Risk (The New York Times)

Continuing with

Jonah Lehrer – The Truth About Grit (The Boston Globe)
Steven Pinker – My Genome, My Self (New York Times)
Pam Belluck – Test Subjects Who Call the Scientist Mom or Dad (The New York Times)
Julia Scott – Pesticides Indicted in Bee Deaths (Salon)
Rivka Galchen – Disaster Aversion (Harper’s Magazine)
Kathleen McAuliffe – Are We Still Evolving? (Discover)
Susan Milius – A Most Private Evolution (Science News)
Chris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum – Unpopular Science (The Nation)
Steven Weinberg – The Missions of Astronomy (The New York Review of Books)
Tony Freeth – Decoding an Ancient Computer (Scientific American)
Cornelia Dean – So Much to Learn About the Oceans from Sand (New York Times)”


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