Capitalizing Proper Adjectives

Capitalizing Proper Adjectives: “Capitalizing Proper Adjectives

A proper noun used as an adjective or an adjective formed from a proper noun is called a proper adjective.

Proper adjectives are normally capitalized. This includes brand names.

Correct: Syrian food a Kodak� camera

Some proper adjectives may not be capitalized because the association with a particular name is gone.

Correct: Teddy bear or teddy bear

Other words this has happened to are bourbon whiskey and venetian blinds.

Prefixes attached to a proper adjective are not capitalized unless the prefixes themselves are formed from a proper noun.

Correct: pro-Communist pre-Raphaelite Afro-Asian
(The prefix Afro- is formed from Africa.)

In a hyphenated word, only the proper adjective is capitalized.

Correct: Flemish-speaking Belgians”


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