Facebook: “Where were all the rhetoricians debunking the bullshit arguments being made by the radical right, funded quietly by billionaires? They were being objective, cowering under the threats of budget cuts, trying to bring quiet resolve. And got steamrollered. If I get invited into the big house, I’m gonna tell massa what I think. And I think this sucks, and I think people are condoning violence against people who have ideas different from their religious ideologies, and I will not go quietly. The incendiary rhetoric is designed to help the unhinged find a target. That’s a legitimate object for rhetorical study and I will study it. How to move the mad to acts of terror with repeated words of encouragement and coded language. How to plant false evidence about ‘yellow cake uranium’ and browbeat the UN into acts of aggressive preemptive war. Again, legitimate rhetorical studies about the exercise of power in institutions.”


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