Some snippets that I misfiled. Of course, when I copied these to put in here the URLs died en route.

Life as Captured in Charts and Graphs –

Russian tycoon ‘pays ransom’ to free kidnapped son – Telegraph: “The children of Russia’s rich have been targeted for kidnapping since the mid-1990s when opportunistic businessmen found themselves in the right place at the right time and were able to snap up valuable assets from factories to gold mines for a fraction of their real worth.”

How it turned out: “HE often talked about the dog he had had–going into detail about his little antics, running around with the supper dish in his mouth, chasing the birds that didn’t seem to be scared of him in the slightest, chasing airplanes as if they were birds. He always said that he felt his childhood ended the night that, after so many years, in the middle of a big thunderstorm, his old little beagle vanished without a trace.”

The Flip Side of Tilapia, the Perfect Factory Fish – “Compared with other fish, farmed tilapia contains relatively small amounts of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, the fish oils that are the main reasons doctors recommend eating fish frequently; salmon has more than 10 times the amount of tilapia. Also, farmed tilapia contains a less healthful mix of fatty acids because the fish are fed corn and soy instead of lake plants and algae, the diet of wild tilapia.”

Navy SEALs, the ‘quiet professionals,’ got bin Laden – “Though he won’t discuss specific areas of countries where he’s carried out missions, he said that he normally trained for missions on exact mock-ups of a targeted location. He’s confident that the special team knew the compound where bin Laden was hiding as if the SEALs had built it themselves.”


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