Timothy L. Parrish – From Hoover’s FBI to Eisenstein’s Unterwelt: DeLillo Directs the Postmodern Novel – Modern Fiction Studies 45:3: DeLillo’s readers thus find themselves in a critical bind. On the one hand, they delight in the virtuosity of his multimedia mimicry–his ability to transmit a range of media forms through his narratives seriatim. That the very success of his narrative mimicry leads readers to worry that he is an impersonator co-opted by the narrative forms that he replays suggests how difficult it is for DeLillo to succeed in being both innovative and in control of his fiction. 2 Confronted with a demanding and difficult writer like DeLillo, critics have understandably called upon influential postmodern theorists–Jean Baudrillard, Paul de Man, Gilles Deleuze, Linda Hutcheon, Fredric Jameson, and Hayden White–to provide a vocabulary for addressing the intellectual problems raised by DeLillo’s fiction. 3


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